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Manage Payouts Globally to Suppliers

The Collect platform enables fast, secure, cost-effective mass payments. It offers a best-in-class payment experience to contractors, freelancers, creators, streamers, affiliates, publishers, suppliers and more.

Our platform is the perfect solution for processing multiple payouts and collaboratively setting payout rules and workflows.

Unlock Effortless Financial Control with Collect: Your Gateway to Seamless Payouts

Experience the future of financial ease with Collect. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly control and streamline payouts, ensuring seamless transactions and unparalleled convenience.

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Access a reliable payment network.

Collect streamlines domestic payouts so you can easily send payments to vendors using their preferred methods.

Simplify accounts payable. Save time and money.

With Collect, your team can save almost 75% of the time spent on administrative tasks. Our pricing structure is easy to understand, resulting in fewer fees and foreign exchange surprises.

Automate Everything.

Make payouts quickly by connecting accounting software, uploading CSVs or using our API with just one click.

24/7 Availability

Collect provides instant money transfers around the clock, ensuring reliability and eliminating the need to wait for a good time to make urgent payouts.

Payout Approvals and Workflows

Manage your financial transactions easily through customizable payout approvals, limits, and instant notifications that keep you informed.

Safe and Secure Payouts

Our multi-level security protocols and strict access controls ensure the safety of your money and business data. Your comfort is our top priority.

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Have questions? We've got answers

Explore our list of frequently asked questions to find the information you need. If you don't see your question here, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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How can I start making payouts?

All you have to do is register for an account on Collect and provide us with a few details about your business. Once this is verified, you can maximise the benefits of our payouts.

Can I make multiple transfers simultaneously?

Yes, you can use our simplified bulk transfer feature to make multiple transfers at a go.

Where can I send money to?

We support money transfers within Nigeria but will expand to other countries soon.

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