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Automate Account Payables and Win

You have too many vendors and bills to keep track of. We created Collect to help you manage all of them

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Eliminate all manual work

Account Payable Automation

Eliminate scanning invoices, coding them by hand, and chasing down approvals. Use Collect for a highly customisable invoice automation solution. Quickly pay invoices locally and globally.

Vendor Payments

Instead of making bank transfers, use our bill payment feature to manage all your vendor payments. We support both local and international payments with guaranteed 24/7 support.

Manage Taxes

Stay compliant with local authorities when you make vendor payments on Collect. Remit and gain visibility into your tax payables.

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Global Payments

Quickly pay vendors across the world, from Lagos to Schenzen.

Generate bills instantly

Generate bills in one click by uploading, forwarding, and scanning your invoices to Collect.

Pay vendors anywhere they are

Local or international vendors? Not a problem — Collect lets you pay bills anywhere globally.

Pay vendors in their local currency

Settle accounts faster by paying vendors in their local currency.