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Control Spend, Maximize profit

Physical and virtual cards - Join the new wave with cards that are accepted anywhere and you never have to worry about going over-budget again.

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Why does your business need cards?

Increase visibility into your business expenses

Gain clear insights into your spending

Stop micro managing

Create an employee spending culture

Increase control around your business operations

A new kind of flex...

Create unlimited virtual and physical cards

Easily issue out cards to all your employees to track their spending seamlessly

Set spending limits on each card

Budget how much you plan to spend within a period and allocate limits on the cards you issue.

Real-time tracking of spending

No need to wait for the receipt, track all spending in real-time right there on your dashboard

Get a dedicated spend wallet

Separate your card spend from your main wallet, fund your sub-wallet and control your cards.

Manage your cards

Set card limits, freeze cards, delete cards and view card expenses grouped under expense categories.

Streamline your workflow and increase efficiency

Eradicate the possibility for errors by integrating your accounting tools with Collect, we give you the perfect sync.


How many cards can I create?

You can create as many cards as your business requires

When should my business consider using cards?

If you have expenses which you pay for then you should definitely consider using expense cards.

Are virtual cards secure?

Virtual cards are safer than physical cards because the card numbers are unique and are more easily issued allowing for greater control and faster detection of fraud.

How can I start creating cards?

Just sign-in to your account and follow the instructions under the cards section.

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