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Dedicated Accounts For Businesses

Create virtual accounts seamlessly for all your company's subsidiaries. No paperwork. Instant settlement. No delays.

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Improving collections and managing cashflow with dedicated accounts

Businesses of all types and sizes use dedicated accounts to improve the speed and efficiency of collections and access to instant settlements and business insights.

On the Collect dashboard, you can create an unlimited number of dedicated accounts for your business units with zero paperwork needed.

  • Create unlimited dedicated accounts
  • Instant settlement
  • Bulk payouts
  • Low fees

A Case Study on FarmCity

The Problem

Accepting bank transfer was a challenge

Before now, it was challenging to accept bank transfers due to the stress of confirming the payments and preventing fraud. The Collect dashboard and mobile app enable cashiers at FarmCity to confirm bank transfer payments faster.

Since Bank transfer payments settle instantly on Collect, Farmcity has real-time and instant access to their cash to take care of their expenses.

Collect also provides a suite of expense management tools to make this seamless, such as reporting, bulk transfers, cards and more.

The Result

Increased payment collection

FarmCity is one of Nigeria’s most prominent hospitality service providers, well known as the perfect venue for outdoor relaxation. FarmCity has increased payment collection by empowering customers to pay with bank transfers using dedicated accounts at its business locations.

I got access to their virtual account service in less than 30 mins. Now all my payments are settled instantly, vendors are happy, customers are happy. Perfect!

Toyin Moses


Businesses that use dedicated accounts have


Increase In Payment Collections


Increase in loyal customers


More likely to reduce fraud

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