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Use for Recurring Payments In African Markets

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Collect is the best way to accept recurring payments.

Better payment experience

Use our out-of-the-box payment pages or build your own best-in-class checkout experiences that integrate into your existing online offering.

Minimize failed payments

We help you collect most of your payments at the first time of asking, and use our smart systems to collect those that do fail.

Reduce Cost

Reduce the total cost of collecting, managing, and reconciling recurring payments by up to 40%.

Built On Open Banking

We are connected to every bank in Nigeria through our reliable service providers. Coming soon to 🇰🇪 Kenya and 🇿🇦 South Africa.

Bank to bank payment

Our bank to bank payment offers real-time confirmation for you and your payers

Save Time

Spend less time chasing down late a failed payments.

Reduced Fees

50% cheaper than card payments

Faster payer conversion

Frictionless authorization and no need to enter card details. 25% cheaper than most online card transactions.

Use cases

Make use of our intuitive dashboard to power your subscription business or integrate our APIs in your app.

Subscription Payments

Recurring Payments gives you the power to set up your own flexible billing schedule and can be accessed via a secure payment link on your website, or our dashboard.


We make it easy for your customers to pay you. They only need to set up their payment details once, securely online. Then Collect one-off or recurring payments whenever they are due.

Made for Developers


          1000000, // in Kobo
          'NGN', // NGN
          '', // URL for item image
          'XXXXXXXXXX', // Your key
          function (e) 
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Hit the ground running with a few lines of code

We’ve battle-tested our platform with hundreds of use cases and pulled through everything you need to integrate seamlessly and start accepting payment sooner


Your team will have everything covered with our comprehensive documentation

Webhooks and APIs

Listen for events and create custom workflows on your end using our powerful APIs

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